The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

Historical references to the ‘shot heard round the world’ are numerous and well recognized.  This symbol of American resolve and determination showed this fledgling group of colonialists would to stay the course no matter the cost.  The style of living of even poverty stricken world cultures recognized the American experiment had failed for the Europeans but certainly not for ‘new worlders’.

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The “Spirit of Texas” Democratic Party Rally, Voter Registration Drive and Scholarship Fundraiser will be held May 19th at Johnson Park in Marble Falls Texas. Deputy Voter Registrars officially begin the picnic at 2 PM and top Democrats will begin taking the stage around 2:30 PM at the Main Amphitheater; and the National Anthem will officially open the Rally at around 2:45 PM The actual picnic is from 2:00 to 7:00 PM on the entire South side of Johnson Park, while the Congressional Speakers and the Main Event occurs at 2:45 PM. Voter Registration Picnic runs until 6:30 PM . Candidate literature for Democrats all around the nation and especially Texas and our locality will be available.  More than a dozen total candidates and representatives will be here for a chance to speak to them in person. —


CPR In House Press Release

Title: President Obama Campaign Provides Endorsement Page for Generation Party Democratic Caucus May 19th 2:30 PM Johnson Park Events

Press Release Date: May 6, 2012  : 1030 PM CST -V1

Location: Granite Shoals, Texas

Author: Michael Steenbergen

Organization:  GenPAC of Texas

Title or Duty: Treasurer and Chair

Information Sources:

  1. Obama Campaign,
  2. Guy Stuart, Chair Burnet County Democratic Party,
  3. Shirley Schmidt, President
  4. Mary Ann Raesner
  5. Steenbergen
  6. GenPAC
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