Elaine Henderson Bio Summary US Congress TX District 25, Candidate

Elaine Henderson Bio Summary
Teacher-Harris County Youth Village, HISD. Airport Operations Supervisor and Airport Security
Coordinator, City of Houston Airport System. I’ve had a variety of job experiences in growing up on a
dairy farm, working in accounting in a city’s tax office, banks and for a pipeline company. Aviation
Business Manager/owner. Clear Lake Aviation. Selling flying lessons, aircraft and maintenance,
borrowing and paying back business loans, making payroll, paying taxes, and complying with Federal
Aviation Regulations gives me an explicit view of government policy.
Now retired and living with husband, David, in Lago Vista. We have children in Austin & Round Rock
and two grandchildren there. I sing in the choir at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Austin and
take care of our retirement investments. Long time environmentalist and Sierra Club supporter.
Education, AA degree – Fullerton Jr. College, Fullerton, CA. BS Elementary Ed. University of Houston.
I’m wanting to get back to public service. Too many in Congress seem not to care about the public at
Speech highlights –
Why keeping our promises to our people makes the most economic sense. The circle of good
government spending leads to more and better jobs and a better overall economy. Greed is not good.
The real threat to our children and grandchildren – protecting the waters of Central Texas

From: Ann Hunter <ann4hunter5@yahoo.com>
To: Elaine Henderson <hendersonelainem@yahoo.com>
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Subject: HLDW

US Congress TX District 25

Elaine Henderson, Candidate

As Vice President of Highland Lakes Democratic Women, it is my responsibility to send information about our speakers to our publicists.  We are excited to have a Democratic candidate running for such a high office coming to speak to us, and we want to let the community know about you.  Please send me a short biography and a catchy title for your talk as soon as possible.  When this is done, I’ll email you more specific information about our meetings including time, place and directions.

Again, thanks so much for agreeing to meet with us.


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