Mike Steenbergen Running for Mayor of Granite Shoals in May Election

Local Citizens’ Advocate Mike Steenbergen is running for the office of Mayor of Granite Shoals, Texas.  The City election will be May 6, 2017 and early voting runs from April 24th to May 2nd at the Marble Falls County Courthouse Annex.  It is time for a change in leadership in Granite Shoals.  The current Mayor treats the citizens like they are his enemy and has grossly mishandled the information presented in the last bond election.  A non existent 3.8 million dollar grant was used to promote the bond.  Vote for change!  Vote Mike for Mayor!

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Eloy Pulido Seeks Election to Former Seat as Hidalgo County Judge

Pulido Candidacy Makes News Across Valley

Former Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido confirmed last week that he appointed Manuel Chapa as his Campaign Treasurer in mid November. Since that time he has been actively campaigning for the position of Hidalgo County Judge, making him the first official candidate for the job.

Pulido has served as Hidalgo County Judge in the past and sees a lot of work to be done. “We need to lower taxes and try to recover from the runaway spending of the current administration. There are problems with the cost and location of the new courthouse and we need a clear plan for economic development in Hidalgo County.”

In the short few days since the announcement by Ramon Garcia that he would not run for reelection, Pulido’s candidacy has been covered by five of the Rio Grande Valley’s news sources: Valley Town Crier, The McAllen Monitor, The Brownsville Herald, The Pharr Advance, and The Edinburg Review. For more information visit www.votepulido.com and the complete list of articles is at

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Language Translator from Web-a-dex Modernizes

In the mid 1990’s+ when Chris Medellin asked Michael Steenbergen, “Hey, make me a web page.,  You look like the Bill Gates geek type.”  He continued “I know you can do it. ”


Fourteen years AND 161 domain ownerships later, Michael agrees.


Use the Web-a-dex

Language Translator

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The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

Historical references to the ‘shot heard round the world’ are numerous and well recognized.  This symbol of American resolve and determination showed this fledgling group of colonialists would to stay the course no matter the cost.  The style of living of even poverty stricken world cultures recognized the American experiment had failed for the Europeans but certainly not for ‘new worlders’.

… breaking news>>>

The “Spirit of Texas” Democratic Party Rally, Voter Registration Drive and Scholarship Fundraiser will be held May 19th at Johnson Park in Marble Falls Texas. Deputy Voter Registrars officially begin the picnic at 2 PM and top Democrats will begin taking the stage around 2:30 PM at the Main Amphitheater; and the National Anthem will officially open the Rally at around 2:45 PM The actual picnic is from 2:00 to 7:00 PM on the entire South side of Johnson Park, while the Congressional Speakers and the Main Event occurs at 2:45 PM. Voter Registration Picnic runs until 6:30 PM . Candidate literature for Democrats all around the nation and especially Texas and our locality will be available.  More than a dozen total candidates and representatives will be here for a chance to speak to them in person. —


CPR In House Press Release

Title: President Obama Campaign Provides Endorsement Page for Generation Party Democratic Caucus May 19th 2:30 PM Johnson Park Events

Press Release Date: May 6, 2012  : 1030 PM CST -V1

Location: Granite Shoals, Texas

Author: Michael Steenbergen

Organization:  GenPAC of Texas

Title or Duty: Treasurer and Chair

Information Sources:

  1. Obama Campaign,
  2. Guy Stuart, Chair Burnet County Democratic Party,
  3. Shirley Schmidt, President
  4. Mary Ann Raesner
  5. Steenbergen
  6. GenPAC
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Elaine Henderson Bio Summary US Congress TX District 25, Candidate

Elaine Henderson Bio Summary
Teacher-Harris County Youth Village, HISD. Airport Operations Supervisor and Airport Security
Coordinator, City of Houston Airport System. I’ve had a variety of job experiences in growing up on a
dairy farm, working in accounting in a city’s tax office, banks and for a pipeline company. Aviation
Business Manager/owner. Clear Lake Aviation. Selling flying lessons, aircraft and maintenance,
borrowing and paying back business loans, making payroll, paying taxes, and complying with Federal
Aviation Regulations gives me an explicit view of government policy.
Now retired and living with husband, David, in Lago Vista. We have children in Austin & Round Rock
and two grandchildren there. I sing in the choir at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Austin and
take care of our retirement investments. Long time environmentalist and Sierra Club supporter.
Education, AA degree – Fullerton Jr. College, Fullerton, CA. BS Elementary Ed. University of Houston.
I’m wanting to get back to public service. Too many in Congress seem not to care about the public at
Speech highlights –
Why keeping our promises to our people makes the most economic sense. The circle of good
government spending leads to more and better jobs and a better overall economy. Greed is not good.
The real threat to our children and grandchildren – protecting the waters of Central Texas

From: Ann Hunter <ann4hunter5@yahoo.com>
To: Elaine Henderson <hendersonelainem@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 3, 2012 6:13 PM
Subject: HLDW

US Congress TX District 25

Elaine Henderson, Candidate

As Vice President of Highland Lakes Democratic Women, it is my responsibility to send information about our speakers to our publicists.  We are excited to have a Democratic candidate running for such a high office coming to speak to us, and we want to let the community know about you.  Please send me a short biography and a catchy title for your talk as soon as possible.  When this is done, I’ll email you more specific information about our meetings including time, place and directions.

Again, thanks so much for agreeing to meet with us.


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Askimet Key Service Installed

Please enjoy the new security allowed by the use of the Askimet key system.  Let us know what you think of the user verification for publishing press releases.

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Free Cox Press Releases Enables Internet Users

This free press release service enables internet users to bypass agents and publicists and provide their information and news directly to the internet and world news services.

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